Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winters Last Effort To Stay Alive

We've had a cold winter but not a bad winter like north of us, the states out west and New England but Old Man Winter has probably given his last blow for this season. We've been below normal for the last two or three weeks but precipitation has been low. Only had to clear snow from the driveway twice, once was a shovel job and the other one I blew about a 4" covering with the electric leaf blower.

This time it was a wet snow with a forecast range of 2" to 10" over a range from Cincinnati to the north near Troy, OH getting the 10". We got about 4" and west of us got the upper numbers.

It made for some great photo opps. Perfect for practicing taking snow shots which can be actually hard to do due to definition and blowing out the white balance of the image.

I started taking shots the night before and then took some more in the predawn hours the next morning. I only took a few during the day yesterday.

Click to enlarge.

Icicle forming as the rain starts the storm.

Dancing ice figures on the window. Can you see them?

A pair of ducks in the early hours that spent the night.

Same pair, snow had stopped.

Such a fantastic look an hour or so before official sunrise.

Shortly after dawn, we won't see the sun today.

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