Saturday, March 2, 2013

Only 4 Survivors of the Doolittle Raiders Left

This past Tuesday, Feb. 26th, Major Thomas Griffin passed away. He was 96 years old and was living at the VA Nursing facility in Cincinnati, OH. He was hoping to make it to this years reunion as it will be the last for the Doolittle Raiders. Last year he and three others attended the reunion in Dayton, OH at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB. 

Not only did the Major participate in the raid on Japan but he was also a prisoner of war for two years in a Nazi prison camp.

I took this picture from afar last year when the B-25's flew into Dayton. This is my tribute to Major Griffin as I figure he has flown one last mission and he's in a plane like this.

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Birdman said...

My uncle did not survive the crash of his B-17 in WW2.