Monday, March 25, 2013

Wild Life Visits

 It all started with a Heron showing up at the pond to feed. I'm not sure if it is the same bird but either it or several come on a regular basis.

Next came the Lesser Scaup Ducks. There were 8 total, 5 male and 3 female. These are what is considered as diving ducks. They eat more from the bottom of the lake or pond than the banks or even further off the waters edge as many ducks do. I think these were migrating north and just did a stop if for refueling. I was playing with my depth of field on the 2nd and 3rd picture here.

Lastly we have the Yellow-Shafted Flicker. They are of the woodpecker family. The top 3 are all shots of the female. The last is of the male.The difference is the male has what is called a mustache. Both have what looks like a black kerchief under their beak but the male has a black marking on either side of the beak on the cheek area. It can be seen in the photo but his position makes it difficult. This was his position the whole time he was here. We were just starting to get our "spring" winter storm. Four to ten inches.....we got about six.

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