Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday's Winter Color on a Saturday (I'm late)

Well, in my last post I said I would find color in winter and maybe start posting it on Fridays.  This is it but on Saturday.  Yesterday was spent on small wood projects, running some cables to relocate a TV and the mounting of said TV on a concrete basement wall.  This isn't much but the next phase was....the TV didn't work.  It should work, I Googled it to make sure, I was dead on.  I even spent time after dinner and couldn't get the coax feed to work from the AT&T U-verse box.  All is working now so now I will post my "winter color".

Yes, they are turned off but only since earlier in the week. Photo doesn't do them justice.  LED's of all colors.  Flashing and dancing.

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AHH, very pretty