Friday, January 2, 2015

See, There Is Color In Winter

I don't know if I can get to where I do a "post of the week" as many bloggers do but I may try it.  Maybe Fridays can be my Winter Color of the Week, that way I would have all week to prep.  But then  if I did it on Thursdays it would still give me a week to prepare.  

I try it on Friday and with that said this will be my first post of color in the winter.  There is nothing that says it has to be outdoors, just that there needs to be some color and for that color to mean something by satisfying or sparking memories or wants and needs.  In this first post I am being reminded of food, not good if you're on a diet.  It could be sweets, or comfort food but these are just simple utensils used in cooking.

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