Sunday, January 18, 2015


     I was watching the Barrett Jackson auction last night and a 2005 Ford GT came up on the block.  It was serial number 003 which means that the car was the first to be sold to the public.  Per the MC's hosting the show numbers 1 and 2 went to private owners.  I'm assuming one may have been the Ford museum and the other to someone like Carroll Shelby or a Ford exec.  The silver (gray) one that went on auction block last night.  It didn't meet the reserve so at 470,000 it left the stage.  Maybe it was sold afterwards, they do that sometimes.  My guess is that the reserve may have been at a half million and then you add the costs of the sale and the buyer pays a whole lot more, maybe 25%.  Ten year old car that cost $155,000 new if you got lucky enough to pay that price.  In 1994 the new Camaro was selling for manufactures price and even higher due to the fact it was a major model change and GM wasn't producing them very fast.  They weren't even running three shifts so you can see it was price driven for the dealers....fools.  I digress, the Ford is worth the money but for other reasons.

     I took this shot back in 2009 at a local car show put on by John Dixon of Taj Ma Garaj for our local children's hospital Ronald McDonald's House.  John was an avid Porsche man, the TMG was a local garage specializing in foreign makes and he owned a local Porsche museum.  John passed away from cancer a year ago after a long battle.

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