Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just Some Random Shots

    Nice thing about have some items in your backyard is that when it's cold you don't necessarily need to go out for a descent view.  I built this feeder hoping to attract winter birds and giving them food if we got a lot of snow.  Haven't seen a bird in it yet.  In fact, other than three crows that come every morning at 9 AM sharply and a red tail hawk we've been bird free.  Oh yea, there was that day when we were invaded by starlings.  Ate all the berries off the Pear trees.  The feeder will be busy enough in another 5 or 6 weeks.

    What I liked here was the tufts of snow left on the branches.  Almost looks like cotton balls.  They will be gone today as the temp gets up into the mid to upper 40's.

    One draw back of winter.....long shadows.  This is not early morning shadows but closer to 9 or so. The heat from the suns light just skips across the surface, not getting a chance to warm us up.  This too will pass and you won't be hearing me complain about how warm it is.

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